Samsung and IBM Collaborate to Develop Edge Computing, 5G and Hybrid Cloud Solutions for 4IR

Collaboration plans with IBM have been announced by Samsung to develop technology that helps businesses automate their operations using edge computing for big data analysis, 5G services for swift data transfer and hybrid cloud solutions across multiple industries.

According to KC Choi, EVP, and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, “The move to standalone 5G has accelerated the adoption of IIoT solutions and will require businesses to adopt an edge computing strategy that allows them to manage their IT environments from anywhere.”

Samsung will be deploying its vast 5G infrastructure alongside IBM’s cloud technologies, including its edge platform, integration services, and Artificial Intelligence products.

IBM’s general manager for communications business, Steve Canepa, shared that the collaboration would enable the integration of business data with a variety of advanced applications, following the recent launch of IBM’s cloud platform for telecom operators deploying 5G built using technology from its software firm Red Hat.

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